World’s Ugliest Car is Becoming the N0.1 Car for Teenagers.

Despite being Called by Car Enthusiast as Worlds Ugliest car in 2016 as of its Release on November 2016 the C63 is in the Bucket list of teenagers this 2017. The 2017 Mercedes-AMG C63S Coupe is the Most Fastest and Most Handsome car in the Teenage World. The AMG outfit of Mercedes-Benz has spend working hours and overtimes just to introduce new models that offer no compromise in the luxury Section. The latest C Class Coupe has received Love from the Germans, In the new C63 S with a thrashing 4.0-liter biturbo V8 stuffed under the hood and a Good chassis to control the Monster power of the car and its sporty look to run with stiff competition and its also Loved by the Teenagers as Well.ghdThe New AMG C63 Looks like a Ford Mustang on the sides but it Looks Sporty according to Teenagers and its their Perfect Christmas Gift.

Inside the AMG C63 Cabin it Looks Like a Jetfighter of the German Army Ready for War.

Other Information is From: Top Gear Philippines and Car and Driver US


When Love Grows….

Love Grows when you start to share your Feelings to a Person and you will Give Him/Her Also the Love that you have.There are 2 People that loved you very much Since the Day you were born and that is you Mom and Dad they Already Gave their love to you that’s why you also learn how to love people. After years Passed by You will enter in a Relationship too and sometimes in a Relationship there are Two Groups the #MayForever and the #Walang Forever,And in the Team #Mayforever in there Calendar February 14 Exists while on the other Team February 14 does not Exists because they don’t have any Boyfriend or Girlfriend to Date. Sometimes they Believe on the song of Air Supply Like “Here I am the one that you love” its kinda weird but when you listen to the song you can also relate to it. Some People Express their Feelings when they are brokenhearted Like they Listen to Hugot Songs or Hugot Lines.